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Please visit NuVet Plus® for Puppy vitamins that I require with the purchase of my puppies.

Please E-mail me or call evenings after 8pm eastern time---- 804-457-2139


I am so happy to announce that I have beautiful Blenheim Cavalier puppies!
Born in July, a male and a female. NOW ready for YOUR LOVE
PLEASE call 804-457-2139 AFTER 8PM to talk to me, Georgeanna!
Photos to follow soon!


Page Updated August, 2017

Welcome to Wedgwood Cavaliers.
    Cavaliers have been a loving part of our family for 0ver 40 years.   During this time we have strived to produce a limited number of litters--always mindful of creating puppies with health, beauty, intelligence and wonderful dispositions.
    Our bloodlines are basically English imported from the outstanding "Amantra" heritage of champions. We do reach out to American bred dogs from time to time to obtain certain qualities.

    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a most delightful pet with a long, prestigious English history. These hardy, loving companions were bred and held dear to the heart of England's King Charles II, who kept large numbers of them at the palace from whom their name was taken. They were and still are, allowed by law to have free access to the Royal Palace at any time.

    Cavaliers have been recognized by the American Kennel Club, and our litters are AKC registered. If you are looking for a true, loving companion and a family member, you may be looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    For more information on placement of our Cavaliers, you can contact us. Our Mailing address is:            Our phone number is:

Wedgwood Cavaliers               
P. O. Box 529 Phone: 1-540-661-6578 Evening after 7 PM
Somerset, Va.

We can deliver in Florida. My family lives in Boca Raton, and we (my Cavaliers and myself) spend a good part of the year with them.