~~The Wedgwood Story~~

Our Beginnings
My family's love for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel began over 40+ years ago. Always an animal lover. I was introduced to the breed by two dear friends and mentors, Patti Link, a well known SHIH-TZU breeder and veterinarian, Dr. Virginia Flynn. With their help and recommendations, I was priviledged to import my first English bred Cavalier.
Like all Cavalier people, I will never forget the very first time I saw a Cavalier. What a lifelong impression it makes!
My children, Tina and Kyle, then youngsters, gave their love to their Cavaliers. Their pups became not only their "best friends" but also their "pillow pals".
Now my grandchildred, 22 yr old twins,Morgan Elizabeth and Austin and 10 yr.old Kariss and 5 yr old Kelsey have had the priviledge of "growing up" with Cavaliers. My nickname is not "Grandma" to the younger ones, they call me "Puppy". They are committed to carrying on the next generation of "Wedgwood Cavaliers".
To raise Cavaliers is both a priviledge and a responsibility and one that my family holds dear to their hearts. To pass each one of our Cavalier puppies ( and it's innocent love) on to it's new family is always a highlight in my life. For I know the happiness their puppy will bring into their lives. I remain committed to the Cavalier family to assure their continued delight with their puppy as well as to assure that the Wedgwood puppy has the best home.

Here are some photos of our Wedgwood family through the years!

In memory of my beloved Mother.

Daughter, Kristine and her favorite Cavalier, Craigowl Rainmaker.

Grandaughter, Kariss Michelle, and her first puppy.

My son, Kyle
With his favorite puppy

Kariss Michelle
My youngest Grandaughter

Top of New York
A lifelong memory
To Westminster and New York City
for a good friend Kay and myself.
With our grandaughters

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